I’m a UX architect & front-end web developer.

I design delightful experiences and bring them to life.

About Me

My name is Cassidy James Blaede and I’m a twenty-something social geek who likes to create, make, and build things. Specifically digital, interactive things (though sometimes I make food, sketches, or LEGO creations).

My beautiful wife Katie and I currently live in Denver, Colorado.

About My Work

I am a front-end web developer and UX designer at System76, a hardware manufacturer who makes computers designed to run the Ubuntu operating system. Technically my business cards say, “UI/UX Programming Sorcerer,” but I think front-end web developer and UX designer is more descriptive. Check out our site at System76.com.

I am also a cofounder and member of elementary LLC., the company devoted to supporting the development of elementary OS and related projects.

About elementary

elementary OS is a fast and open alternative to Windows and OS X. More specificaly, it is an open source operating system designed for laptops and desktops. It exists to provide people with an alternative OS that is fast, sexy, and easy to use. You can grab it for any price—including free—over at elementary.io.

The term elementary itself refers to the overall project centered around the OS. It’s developed primarily by volunteers, though we’re able to fund some bugfixes and features through Bountysource.

Around the Web

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