Cassidy’s Apps

Apps I’ve made, and apps I wish existed.


I have a few apps available on Flathub for any modern Linux-based operating system.

Dippi icon Clairvoyant icon
Dippi Clairvoyant


I also have some older apps that are no longer maintained, but I’m leaving here for posterity.

Ephemeral icon Ideogram icon Palette icon Principles icon
Ephemeral Ideogram Palette Principles


Collection of apps that I want to make or wish existed for GNOME. Sketches/wireframes might exist for some of these; if you’re interested in taking one of these on, let me know.

Also note that the names of in-progress apps and concepts are not set in stone, they’re just how I currently refer to them.

In Progress (but probably not actively worked on)

Ideas Contact me if you want to tackle one, and I can help with design!

Superseded Either no longer make sense or no longer needed.