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De-Googling: Android & Pixel

| 2 min read

I do not currently plan to move away from Android. It is the most mature and usable open source OS we have, and the only real alternative today is the closed-source and too-restrictive iOS. I’ll probably share more thoughts on my reasons for not loving iOS later. :)

I do believe modern Android is not as useful without Google’s proprietary services on top (like Play Store, Play Services, Cloud Messaging, etc.), which is a huge bummer—and makes an eventual migration to a different OS easier for me to imagine.


As long as I’m using Android, I feel like I should use it as it was designed. Pixel has also proven to be more secure than most other smartphones, gets updates faster than any Android phones, and is supported longer than most. Plus, I am in love with the incredible camera.

I am currently using a Pixel 3, and have not been impressed with what I’ve heard about the battery life of the Pixel 4—plus all modern smartphones are too damn big, and I would love to not have to get an even bigger phone if I upgrade. What my next phone will be is in limbo, but the Pixel 3 is serving me well at the moment.