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De-Googling: Gmail

The first step I recommend

| 2 min read

I’ve wanted to have more control over my email for a long time, and consequently migrated most accounts to email addresses that were set up as forwarders on my website’s domain. As such, there are very few emails that actually go to my Gmail address. This is a first step I recommend anyone even remotely thinking about de-Googling perform; getting your email address out of the hands of any given company and owning it yourself is useful, but takes time to catch and change old accounts, inform (and remind!) old friends, etc. Do it early to prevent headaches later.

Since most of my email was set up via forwarders, I am currently trialing Fastmail as a full-on replacement to Gmail for my primary email service. Google requires a Gmail address for your Google account, so the actual account will likely remain open for some time—but I might look into a “vacation response” that informs people of my address in case anyone still uses the old one. The nice part of owning my email address is that if I end up not loving Fastmail, I can easily move to another provider without anyone knowing or caring.

So far, however I really like Fastmail. I’ve used them in the past and have spoken with a few people at the company and they seem like good people doing good things.