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Ephemeral 7.1 is Out Now

Introducing “Automatically Open Site Externally”

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There’s a new update for the always-incognito web browser for elementary OS! Ephemeral 7.1 integrates even better into your workflow by introducing a new “Automatically Open This Site Externally” option in the “Open page in…” menu.

Screenshot of Ephemeral

Note the new “Automatically Open This Site Externally” option

Checking this new option means the next time you click a link to that site from another app, it will open directly in your selected alternative browser instead of Ephemeral. This is perfect for sites like Twitter or GitHub where you always want them to open in your “real” browser, but you still want to use Ephemeral for added privacy for other links.

To revert the behavior, just navigate back to the site in Ephemeral and uncheck the option—or reset all Ephemeral preferences from the menu.

Ephemeral 7.1 also brings an improvement to how the page title is fetched from the site which should ensure it is correct in the Dock menu and Multitasking View even when updated with JavaScript.

Get It

Ephemeral 7.1 is out now on AppCenter. As always, you can also grab the source code at GitHub.

Get it on AppCenter