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Using Fedora Toolbox on Endless OS

Another note-to-self I hope may be useful to someone out there on the web

| 2 min read

Today I was trying to spin up a toolbox (or more recently rebranded to toolbx) container with Fedora 36 for some development/CLI tools on my work Endless OS install. By default, toolbox enter is supposed to offer to create a container that matches your host OS version, but for whatever reason, the default in Endless OS is to create a Fedora 32 container. I wanted to create a Fedora 36 container because I’m using Fedora Silverblue 36 on my personal machine, so I passed that in:

toolbox create --distro fedora --release 36

To my annoyance, I got this in response:

Image required to create toolbox container.
Download (500MB)? [y/N]: y
Error: failed to pull image

It turns out the between Endless OS packaging up Toolbox and the Fedora 36 release, Fedora changed the URL structure of their registry—they removed the /f36/ bit in the middle, but the toolbox CLI is trying to look there! Fortunately, this is an easy fix; instead of the magic --distro and --release flags, you can point directly to the version on the registry:

toolbox create --image

After that, you’ll get a fresh Fedora 36 install in your toolbox for all your CLI needs.