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I’ve Joined the Endless OS Foundation

A nonprofit with a worldwide mission I believe in

| 2 min read

A bit over a week ago I wrote how I was moving on from my involvement at elementary, Inc. and the elementary open source project—something I described to many who asked as bittersweet. While that decision was not taken lightly, enough focus on the bitter; here’s the sweet:

I have joined the nonprofit Endless OS Foundation as Partner Success Engineer!

At Endless, I’m working as a bridge between the foundation’s dozens of impact partners—the organizations on the ground deploying the open source, Linux-based Endless OS and other technologies around the world—and the Endless engineering team. My job is to ensure our mutual success by improving processes and documentation and supporting both our partners and engineers however I can. I’m stoked to be doing something I excel at, and more importantly, something that has a real, measurable positive impact in the world by improving access to knowledge and technology.

Endless has tens of thousands of users across deployments all around the world, from folks in Mexico learning their own ethnic languages to underserved students in the US that need better remote learning solutions, to disconnected villages across the world who need reliable offline learning resources. Endless OS and initiatives like Endless Key bring powerful offline-capable and learning-focused solutions to these people, enabling greater access to knowledge and opportunities than previously possible.

In addition to that work, I will continue working within the GNOME, Flatpak, and FreeDesktop communities to advocate for and communicate improvements to the platform. I am excited by the continued opportunities to validate and improve the experience of GNOME by helping ship an OS to tens of thousands of users across the globe while engaging with our partners and end users for constant feedback. I’m also just impressed with GNOME 42, Fedora Silverblue, and Flathub: I feel like each of these is providing a great experience today while also rapidly improving release-over-release to tackle so many longstanding issues with desktop operating systems, and I look forward to continue using them on my personal devices.

The Endless OS Foundation aims to empower the world with knowledge and opportunity by solving the barriers that prevent equitable access to technology. I strongly believe in this mission and am excited to be joining in these efforts both at Endless and within the greater open source community.