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That was short-lived.

If you follow me on social media (or just randomly visit my website), you may have noticed I said I was switching to Blogger.

As I am sucked more and more into Google’s ecosystem (I use Android, Gmail, Drive, Google+, and more on a daily basis), it makes more sense to use Google’s platform for writing.

Ha. Except Blogger, well, kind of blows. The only thing it’s got going for it at this point is its Google+ integration, and that’s something I can cook up myself later or just ignore for now.

So what am I using this time around?, a service/platform that basically runs on top of Dropbox and Markdown. It works for now and I’ll be sticking with it so long as it stays operational and simple. I really enjoy the fact that I can write up posts wherever in Markdown then throw them into a folder and they get published. It’s pretty cool and insanely easy.

Maybe I’ll write more. We shall see.