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Shortlist (June 2015)

| 3 min read

A year ago I explained what my personal shortlist is. It’s time to update it!

To quote myself, a shortlist is:

…a list of a few things I really want. Not just, “Oh this looks nice, add it to the list.” But like, the things I’d like to get for myself if/when I can afford it. If someone really wants to get an awesome gift from my shortlist, I will absolutely love it. Otherwise, they can use that list as inspiration for other things I’d like. Or they can give me something more personal/handmade, and that’s cool.

Current Shortlist

  1. A dog!
  2. System76 Meerkat
  3. Philips Hue A-19 Starter Pack

…and that’s it! Last July, my list included a Nest, Lockitron, Destiny, and a Moto 360. Luckily Katie and I were able to purchase a Nest from our Airbnb funds and have been saving a ton of energy. After revisiting smart locks, we decided the Lockitron wasn’t actually all it was hyped up to be so we passed on it. I did get myself Destiny and a Moto 360 and have used both a ton in the time since. :)

This time around I’m not really wanting much. I love my phone (Moto X 2013), my watch, my PS4 and current games, and most stuff in my life.

1. A dog! $1600 (initial fees + 1st month)

Katie and I have started saving up to rescue a dog from a local shelter. While a golden retriever is probably our top pick, we’re staying open to whatever dog we fall in love with. :)

2. System76 Meerkat $700 (i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD)

The Meerkat is tied with the Galago for my favorite product we make at System76. It’s a tiny full-powered desktop computer! Katie and I have a small computer desk with a nice display, but constantly hooking and unhooking our laptops (and finding power cords!) is a pain. It’d be a lot more convenient for us and our Airbnb guests to have a permanent desktop computer tucked away and always ready to go.

3. Philips Hue A-19 Starter Pack $190

Katie and I have replaced many of our lights with lower-power and cooler LED bulbs (thanks, random Woot! deal!), but we haven’t branched into the smart bulb territory. Philips Hue seems like the way to go, and the starter pack makes it easy to get all set up at once.