System76 Challenge

Happy late 2017, System76 peeps!

I am planning on presenting a challenge about once a month. You have the month to complete the challenge, and may be on a team up to three people total.

Think of realistic solutions, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Price of implementation is not an issue so long as it’s within the realm of possibility for a high-end product.

This challenge is due December 25, and the winner gets a prize!

Late 2017: The Two-Lightswitch Problem!

You’ve probably seen it: one room or hallway with overhead lights and two lightswitches that control the lights. You flip one switch up and the lights come on, but now the other switch is down; they never end up being completely in sync with the state of the lights.

  1. How could you design a solution to this problem?

  2. What are some challenges your solution would need to overcome?

  3. What other solutions did you consider, and why did you reject them?

  4. Anything else you’d like to share.


I will choose a winning solution based on:

  1. How well it’s thought out, and
  2. How realistic/possible it is technically.

Be sure to share your idea in as much detail as needed!


The best solution will be chosen after December 25, so be sure to have yours in by then! The winning solution’s team will receive one dozen cookies of their choice from Flours & Chocolate, or an equivalent value of gift cards to ThinkGeek (winner’s choice).