elementary × StarBook

I designed an entire product campaign for elementary, a small tech company and open source project. This included a product announcement blog post, press release, and sales landing page for their first hardware partnership with the Star Labs StarBook.

Blog Post

I worked with and interviewed stakeholders from the hardware manufacturer, Star Labs, to distill their tech specs into a compelling product announcement that tells a complete story. I worked with a 3D artist to specify which shots and angles would support the story while showing off the product. I tied all of that into the larger narrative of elementary and the years-long product roadmap I helped develop.

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I designed and implemented an update to the elementary web store to add a new Devices section featuring partner hardware. For the product landing page, I worked with a 3D artist for supporting imagery and designed the over-arching narrative: a svelte and powerful machine that was designed in tandem with elementary OS. To support this, I organized the sales page into sections: flagship specs, display, input, remote work, ports/connectivity, power, openness, and elementary OS. I rounded out the product page with a comprehensive tech specs section sourced from the manufacturer but reworked into a more digestable, readable format.

Throughout the entire product page, I ensured it tied back into elementary OS specifically to demonstrate the partnership and sell the effectiveness of hardware + software integration.

On a technical level, I implemented the responsive sales page in HTML and CSS, targeting everything from small mobile phones to large, HiDPI desktop displays.

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