Cassidy’s Referrals

Services or products I recommend. If you sign up/purchase using these links, I’ll get a small cut. Sometimes you’ll even save money, too.

Autonomous Up to $200 off

Autonomous makes motorized standing desks, standing desk kits, office chairs, and accessories. They’re relatively affordable for the quality you get, and have a ton of options.

I have their home office SmartDesk DIY Kit in black (though I wish I would have gotten white to match other furniture!). I’ve slapped an IKEA Gerton tabletop on top for an awesome motorized convertible sit/stand desk.

Shop Autonomous

Referral disclosure: I earn 5–10% store credit for referrals, depending on the order value. Details.

Fastmail 10% off first year

Privacy-respecting and ad-free email. Awesome service, great web client, lightning fast mobile apps, great people. Keep your email private and out of the hands of giant ad networks.

I use Fastmail for my personal email, and love it.

Get 10% off Fastmail

Referral disclosure: I receive a tiny amount of credit—30–90¢ depending on the plan—per referral user, per month they’re signed up. Details.

Google Fi $20 credit

Phone service from Google. Straightforward pricing, fast data, wide coverage (uses T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and more), unlimited calls and texts. Choice for Flexible plan where you pay for data you use (up to a price cap, then data is free), or Unlimited which is pretty traditional.

My family uses Google Fi and loves it. We save money when we use Wi-Fi, and international travel is stupid simple (same data speeds and rates, no extra costs or work).

Get $20 for Google Fi

Referral disclosure: I receive $20 Fi credit after someone I refer has an active plan for 30 days. Details.

Moment $15 off first order

Photography gear, mostly focused on mobile phone photography—but with lots of bags, tripods, filters, etc., too.

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Referral disclosure: I receive 6–15% on gear, 10% on lessons, and $100 on trips purchased using my link. Details.

Soylent $10 off subscription

Soylent’s mission is to make complete, sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing, and affordable to all. In reality… they make yummy meal-replacement drinks (and other products). For each new subscription through Friend Referral, Soylent will donate $1 toward World Food Program USA.

I like the pre-made drinks for the convenience of a nutritionally-complete meal or snack with zero prep or cleanup. My favorite flavors are Mint Chocolate and Strawberry.

Get $10 off Soylent

Referral disclosure: I receive $10 store credit when you subscribe. Details.

Square Free processing for first $1,000

Tools for physical and online businesses including payment processing, point of sale, online shops, appointments, payroll, and more.

Get Free Processing with Square

Referral disclosure: I also receive free processing for the next $1,000 in sales if you sign up.