Cassidy’s Referrals

Services or products I recommend. If you sign up/purchase using these links, you’ll save money and I may get a small cut.

Autonomous Up to $200 off

Autonomous makes motorized standing desks, standing desk kits, office chairs, and accessories. They’re relatively affordable for the quality you get, and have a ton of options.

I have their home office SmartDesk DIY Kit in black (though I wish I would have gotten white to match other furniture!). I’ve slapped an IKEA Gerton tabletop on top for an awesome motorized convertible sit/stand desk.

Shop Autonomous

Referral disclosure: I earn 5–10% store credit for referrals, depending on the order value. Details.

Drizly $5 off your first delivery

Alcohol delivery in the US. They partner with local shops so you can order beer, cider, liquor, mixers, etc. and have them show up at your door. Use promo code vahqm.

Get $5 off Drizly

Referral disclosure: I receive $5 credit as well if you sign up and order a delivery.

Fastmail 10% off first year

Privacy-respecting and ad-free email. Awesome service, great web client, lightning fast mobile apps, great people. Keep your email private and out of the hands of giant ad networks.

I use Fastmail for my personal email, and love it.

Get 10% off Fastmail

Referral disclosure: I receive a tiny amount of credit—30–90¢ depending on the plan—per referral user, per month they’re signed up. Details.

Google Fi $20 credit

Phone service from Google. Straightforward pricing, fast data, wide coverage (uses T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and more), unlimited calls and texts. Choice for Flexible plan where you pay for data you use (up to a price cap, then data is free), or Unlimited which is pretty traditional.

My family uses Google Fi and loves it. We save money when we use Wi-Fi, and international travel is stupid simple (same data speeds and rates, no extra costs or work).

Get $20 for Google Fi

Referral disclosure: I receive $20 Fi credit after someone I refer has an active plan for 30 days. Details.

Moment $15 off first order

Photography gear, mostly focused on mobile phone photography—but with lots of bags, tripods, filters, etc., too.

Shop Moment

Referral disclosure: I receive 6–15% on gear, 10% on lessons, and $100 on trips purchased using my link. Details.

Society6 $15 off your order

Everyday art made and sold by an open, global community of 300,000+ independent artists from 160+ countries.

Get $15 off Society6

Referral disclosure: I also receive a $15 off coupon if you use the $15 off link to make a purchase.

Soylent $10 off subscription

Soylent’s mission is to make complete, sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing, and affordable to all. In reality… they make yummy meal-replacement drinks (and other products). For each new subscription through Friend Referral, Soylent will donate $1 toward World Food Program USA.

I like the pre-made drinks for the convenience of a nutritionally-complete meal or snack with zero prep or cleanup. My favorite flavors are Mint Chocolate and Strawberry.

Get $10 off Soylent

Referral disclosure: I receive $10 store credit when you subscribe. Details.

Square Free processing for first $1,000

Tools for physical and online businesses including payment processing, point of sale, online shops, appointments, payroll, and more.

Get Free Processing with Square

Referral disclosure: I also receive free processing for the next $1,000 in sales if you sign up.