Cassidy James Blaede


To design, implement, and continuously improve excellent experiences, especially using and related to open source software.


Over a decade of open source collaboration. A decade of user experience architecture. A decade managing a successful open source company. And way too long doing front-end web development.

Endless OS Foundation 2022–

Partner Success Engineer

I work as a bridge between the foundation’s dozens of impact partners—the organizations on the ground deploying the open source, Linux-based Endless OS and other technologies around the world—and the Endless engineering team. My job is to ensure our mutual success by improving processes and documentation and supporting both our partners and engineers however I can.

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elementary, Inc. 2011–2022

Co-founder, Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

I co-founded the company in 2011 and have helped it grow to sustain multiple employees while releasing 6 major OS releases, a pay-what-you-can app store, and multiple technology stack shifts like Python to Vala, GTK2 to GTK3, and Debian to Flatpak.

Personally, I was responsible for the overall experience and messaging of the company and products, user experience architecture, and being a liason between parties including end users, OEMs, developers, and other open source projects.

Other Responsibilities

System76 2014–2018

UX Architect, Front-end Web Developer

Other Responsibilities

Visual Logic Group 2012–2013

User Experience Intern

University of Northern Iowa 2011–2012

Network Engineer Assistant (ITS Network Services)

LCS 2010–2011

Technical Support Analyst

Webspec Design, LLC. 2007–2010

Web Developer


University of Northern Iowa 2012–2014

Interactive Digital Studies

DMACC 2010–2012

Liberal Arts