Cassidy James Blaede


To share my knowledge of and love for mobile photography with the world, in an easy-to-digest format.

Relevant Experience

Seven years of mobile photography. Eight years of user-centered technical writing. Eleven years of feverishly following Android and mobile phone developments.

elementary, Inc. 2011–present

Co-founder, Writer

Freelance, Social Media, & Beyond 2008–present

Advice for Better Photos

Your subject is most important, and editing is second!

Most modern phones have good to excellent cameras, but your subject is going to be the most important piece of a photo. Stop, think about what you want to photograph, and try several different angles/versions of the shot. Accessories and the latest flagship cameras are cool, but the basics are more important.

And almost any photo with a good subject can be salvaged in the edit; try the built-in editor on your phone, or something more extensive like Snapseed to really get into it.


While gear doesn’t make or break a photographer, it’s fun to nerd out about it and share my kit with others.


University of Northern Iowa 2012–2014

Interactive Digital Studies

DMACC 2010–2012

Liberal Arts