Cassidy’s Wi-Fi is a guest network that you are free to use if you agree to the terms below. It may be limited bandwidth-wise, so streaming and stuff may not work so great. But if you need to use the Internet, here you go.


By using this network, you agree:

By using this network, you agree to each and every one of the above statements. If you do not agree with one or more of the statements, immediately disconnect and cease using this network.


If you need a password:

  1. Read the terms above. Seriously.
  2. If you agree to the terms, use the password I agree to the terms!, including the exclamation point. Alternatively, scan this QR code:
Wi-Fi QR code

But… why?

Why would I throw a free Wi-Fi network up? Because COVID-19 and social distancing suck, and we have bandwidth to spare. That’s it.

If you feel obligated to thank me or something, contact me with one of the methods below. If you wanna throw money at me/my family (not required or expected at all!), see