Cassidy’s Wishlist

This is my canonical birthday, Christmas, and any-other-time wish list. It is up to date.


An ever-updated small number (3–7) of things I’d absolutely love to get. You can use it as a surefire way to get me something I’ll love, or as inspiration for getting me something else.

If multiple colors/options are listed, they’re in descending preference order, but all listed are totally fine.

Stuff I Always Enjoy

I don’t have specific items picked out here, but I always love receiving a variety of these things. Pick something you think I’ll like!


I maintain a LEGO wishlist via Brickset. It’s kept up to date, especially around Christmas and my birthday. As a general rule, duplicates are fine and all Star Wars ships are awesome!


Instead of getting me stuff, you can gift me with one of these experiences!


Instead of giving to me directly, you can always give to one of these causes on my behalf. I’m passionate about each one and they all could use monetary support.

Amazon wishlist…

I dislike Amazon since they’re extremely anti-competitive and awful to their workers, but alas, it seems everyone wants an Amazon wishlist. If you can find the same items elsewhere, please purchase them somewhere other than Amazon.