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Introducing Palette

A new app for elementary colors

| 1 min read


This past weekend, I realized I was opening a web browser to do something a native app could do better: referencing and copy-pasting colors. I was inspired to build that native app, and after a weekend of hacking, I’m proud to introduce Palette.

sketch screenshot

We use a set of bright and friendly colors in elementary OS. With Palette, you can easily access the entire set on your local device, plus copy any variation of each color to paste into your own projects.

Get It

Palette is available on AppCenter for the suggested price of $4. As with all AppCenter apps, you can also choose to pay what you want to download it, including $0.

Get it on AppCenter

And as with every AppCenter app, the source code of Palette is openly licensed and available for free on GitHub.

Get the source on GitHub

I’d love to know what you all think!