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Life Changes

| 1 min read

There comes a time when you want a change in your life. After dating my girlfriend Katie for nearly six years, I asked her to marry me. But that’s old news (and the wedding is fast approaching).

Apparently I didn’t think that was enough of a change in my life, so I went and accepted a position at System76 in Denver, Colorado. Katie and I will be moving out there this summer after our wedding.

It’s quite the move from Iowa and we’ll greatly miss our Iowa friends and family, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for us to start our own family together.

I’ll be hopping on board as a front-end web developer, making the System76 site (and other projects they work on) rock. I’m excited to meet the team in person and work with the people who make my favorite computer.

If anyone is around the Denver area and has tips for moving/getting settled there, let us know. 😊

Edit: FWIW this doesn’t mean my involvement in elementary will decrease; in fact it should mean I’ll be able to work on it more.