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Shortlist: July 2014

| 2 min read

I hate wishlists. Making a big long list of all the things you want just seems both tedious and selfish for some reason. I get that some people might want to get you gifts for your birthday or Christmas or some random occasion. But by making a wishlist, I feel like I’m saying, “Get me anything as long as it’s on this big long list.”

Instead, I’ve come up with the idea of keeping a personal shortlist. What’s the difference? It’s a list of a few things (I still haven’t decided on a cap, but definitely ten or fewer) I really want. Not just, “Oh this looks nice, add it to the list.” But like, the things I’d like to get for myself if/when I can afford it. If someone really wants to get an awesome gift from my shortlist, I will absolutely love it. Otherwise, they can use that list as inspiration for other things I’d like. Or they can give me something more personal/handmade, and that’s cool.

Current Shortlist

  1. Nest thermostat
  2. Lockitron
  3. Destiny for PS4
  4. Moto 360

Right now, it’s at four items. It could grow to five or six, but these are the top things I’m currently in love with but don’t own. :)

You may notice the top two items are decidedly grown-up; Katie and I are now married and living in our own apartment, so I have an excuse to use these smart home gadgets. :D