Some Styles Defined

Text Styles

According to most browsers, this page should render with a light background and dark text by default. If the OS is requesting a dark style, most browsers still render a light backround and dark text because there are no explicit dark styles defined.

Forms & Widgets


Just view the source of this page, or see this file in the GitHub repo.

Screenshots of this Page

Light, Dark

Safari on macOS:

Safari macOS Light Safari macOS Dark

Firefox on macOS:

Firefox macOS Light Firefox macOS Dark

Chrome on macOS:

Chrome macOS Light Chrome macOS Dark

Firefox on Linux:

Firefox Linux Light Firefox Linux Dark

WebKitGTK on Linux:

Ephemeral Linux Light Ephemeral Linux Dark

Chrome on Android:

Chrome Android Light Chrome Android Dark

Firefox Preview on Android:

Firefox Android Light Firefox Android Dark

Safari on iOS:

iOS Light iOS Dark